thestyleline: ASHLEY AGREN



ASHLEY’S STYLE:  I’d have to describe my style as random. Some days, I feel like dressing up like Holly Golightly and on other days I feel like just wearing high-waisted shorts and a plain t-shirt.

INSPIRATION:  I’m continuously inspired by people on lookbook and people in real life, street style and magazines. 

ONE TREND YOU’D LIKE TO SEE DISAPPEAR: Hmm… I really can’t think of one!

STYLE CRUSH: Since she’s one of my best friends back home, I’d have to say Bethany Struble. Nothing can ever look terrible on her! And of course, Alexa Chung.

TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS: I think that tattoos are great! I even have one, hence my blog’s name “The Fox Tattoo”. I think piercings are great as well, but I’d personally never get anything pierced other than my ears.

IMPACT: I believe that fashion impacts society in both a positive and negative way. On the negative side, there is a pressure to be thin and look “perfect”, and on the positive side, a person’s fashion and style choices help express themselves as an individual.

SPRING AWAKENING: I love that during spring I can finally break out of my winter-wear! I really enjoy wearing pastels and floral prints.

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