3 Women (1977) – IMDb

3 Women (1977) – IMDb.

This is a wonderful film, a dreamlike masterpiece starring Sissy Spacek (Pinky Rose). Pinky takes a job at a nursing home as an attendant. Pinky meets “Millie” at the nursing home, the character of Millie is played by Shelly Duvall. Millie is often described as a wannabe sophisticate, and Pinky is described as a childlike woman who tries to mimic Millie. The third woman in 3 Women is “Willie” Played by the late Janice Rule. Willie (who is pregnant) paints half human half reptile creatures in the bottom of swimming pools, and she owns the motel where Willie and Pinky live, and she is silent as characters often are in dreams. Pinky falls into a swimming pool and nearly drowns herself, she is saved from certain death by residents at the motel. When Pinky awakens from a coma, induced by the near drowning she seems to be a completely different person. She is no longer a child-like woman, she has morphed into Femme Fatal and a Witch-on Wheels, (spell witch with a “B”) She begins to take over Millie’s life and she seduces Willie’s husband. There is a lot of humor and pathos here. Shelly Duvall gives a tour-de-force performance of a woman who doesn’t have a clue. She is constantly chattering on and on, and in the Robert Altman style of overlapping conversations it is very effective. But in the end, Willie gives birth, Millie takes charge, and Pinky gets some sense slapped into her. And Willie’s husband ends up dead. I give this movie 5*****Stars.

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