The Hunger (1983) – IMDb

The Hunger (1983) – IMDb.

The Hunger opens with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie Picking up a very hot looking couple at a club, driving them out to a place in the suburbs and having their way with them. Doing to them what vampires do to folks, drink their blood of course. David Bowie is a companion vampire to Catherine, David begins to wither and he does it very quickly and so Catherine must get a new companion. Enter Susan Sarandon Catherine’s next victim, or is she. In this film, genetic material (similar to a virus or prion) is passed from true vampires (a different species) to create temporary vampires (a few centuries or so) from humans. The human vampires act as companions until they eventually wither. Unfortunately for the human vampires, they never die (unless burned) and remain in a conscious, desiccated state (a form of living hell). The lineage of the true vampires begins in ancient times, passes through the Egyptian dynasties, and into the present. This film is heavy on atmosphere. The flirting and seduction scene between Catherine and Susan is smoldering. There are lesbian sex scenes between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon that are as hot as anything ever filmed, in my humble opinion. The beauty of Catherine and Susan together is absolutely breathtaking. A film that is not easy to forget, nor should it be. I give “THE HUNGER” 5*****Stars.

Catherine Deneuve Français : Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve Français : Catherine Deneuve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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