There Will Be Blood (2007) – IMDb

There Will Be Blood(2007) – IMDb.

SPOILER ALERT….. Daniel Day-Lewis plays an Oil Tycoon named Daniel Plainview. Plainview started out as a Silver Prospector, where he broke his leg in the mines. He later became an oil prospector, where he really made his fortunes. Plainview is a bitter man with no love life. A worker dies and Plainview takes the man’s orphaned son and raises him as his own. H.W. is his name. Plainview uses H.W. to present a pleasing facade of a “Family Business Man, making it easier to talk people into letting him lease their property so that he can sink some oil wells. A young man (Paul Sunday) comes to Plainview one day and tells him about the property his family owns in a little town called Little Boston, tells him about oil on his family property.. Plainview travels there, meets the (Sunday Family) and pays the family a knocked down price for the lease, sinks some wells, and becomes extremely rich. He meets (Eli Sunday) Paul’s twin brother, both played by Paul Dano. Eli is the preacher of the “Church of the Third Revelation”. The two men, Plainview and Eli, have a hate-hate relationship that plays itself out in the final scene of the movie. This is a fine movie. Plainview’s adopted son loses his hearing, a fellow comes into town pretending to be Plainview’s half brother, of course Plainview sees through his charade and puts a bullet in his brain-pan for trying to pull the wool over his eyes. And all the time you are watching one of the finest performances on film, Daniel Day-Lewis is pure genius in this role, even if it reminds you of “Bill the Butcher” in (Gangs of New York) I loved this move, and I gave it 5***** STARS.


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