Fingersmith (TV Series 2005) – IMDb

Fingersmith (TV Series 2005) – IMDb.

FINGERSMITH” ~ A cracking good tale. A dramatic/thriller. The perfect bookend to “Tipping The Velvet“. This is the only movie that made me yell at my TV, when there was a tremendous plot twist, and I can’t say what I said then .   I grabbed my stomach and doubled over in laughter. Just thinking about this movie puts a smile on my face. I really, really love “Fingersmith”. Sally Hawkins is wonderful as the (Fingersmith). She also played the part of the maid that stole Nan King’s clothes and left her stranded in a flop house in the film “Tipping The Velvet”. Elaine Cassidy played the part of a wealthy heiress Maud Lilly. The entire cast turned in fantastic performances. 5*****Stars. Rent OR  buy  this movie, give it a try.


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