Changeling (2008) – IMDb

Changeling (2008) – IMDb.

CHANGELING 2008~ SPOILER ALERT~ Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) is happy when her young missing son, Walter is brought back home. But when Christine rejects the Walter who was returned to her, because he is now three inches shorter, and is circumcised, (Walter was not circumcised) the police captain (Jeffrey Donovan) has her committed to an asylum for questioning the LAPD. This is a story that drew me in and kept my attention from the very beginning. The corruption in the LAPD is blatant and open. Angelina Jolie shows the anguish that a mother feels when her son is missing John Malkovich co-stars as the good reverend who comes to Christine’s aid. What I found absolutely astounding is that the LAPD thought that they could just take a different boy and pass him off as Christine Collins’ son. The hubris/arrogance that they could tell this mother that she is not qualified to tell if it is her son, if the LAPD says it is your son, then it is YOUR son. This is a movie about a woman looking for her missing son, it also is a movie about the corrupt police department in LA. The movie is excellent, it does not strike a false note anywhere. What actually happens to the missing boy or missing boys I am sure you will find chilling. Yes there is murder and mayhem. The film makes no big deal one way or the other about the violence, it just seems to chronicle it, and it lets you be the judge. Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich turn in superior performances, as always. This movie was DIRECTED by Clint Eastwood, and the MUSIC, is by Clint Eastwood. This is a 5*****STAR MOVIE.

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