Desert Hearts (1985) – IMDb

Desert Hearts (1985) – IMDb.

Helen Shaver is beautiful in this movie. She plays Prof. Vivian Bell, staying temporarily in Reno, NV in order to get a quick Divorce. Prof Bell while staying at a Dude Ranch meets the owner’s adopted Daughter Cay Rivers, played by Patricia Charbonneau. Patricia is also very attractive and a openly gay female. Cay and Prof. Bell become friends and are soon attracted to each other. This is a beautiful and tender love story between two women. The owner of the ranch is openly hostile toward her daughter’s Lesbian friends, this is the source of much tension that infects the harmony or lack of harmony at the ranch. The owner of the ranch kicks the Prof. off the property and forces her to move into town and take a room at a hotel where she must wait to establish her residency. It is here in the hotel where Cay and the Prof. Bell first make love. The love scenes in this movie are legendary. There is a very romantic ending, and I loved it. I gave it 5*****STARS


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