Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006) – IMDb

Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006) – IMDb.

Cover of "Nina's Heavenly Delights"

Cover of Nina’s Heavenly Delights

SPOILER ALERT…..Nina’s dad dies and she comes home to Glasgow from London. She fled to London to avoid an arranged marriage 3 years earlier. On the day of the funeral she finds out that her dad deeply in debt had bet half of the family’s restaurant on a horse, and lost. Her childhood friend Lisa, now owns half of the restaurant. The bet was placed with Lisa’s Dad. Nina and Lisa are attracted to each other and soon begin to fall in love. The two women together discover that Nina’s dad had wanted to win the national competition “Best in the West Curry Competition” for a third year. The Hat Trick. Nina’s Brother and her Mother want to sell the Restaurant to Raj, a friend of the family and a competitor, his son Sanjay is his Chef, and also Sanjay is the Bridegroom left at the Altar 3 years earlier. Raj’s restaurant is named “The Jewel In The Crown“. Art Malik who plays Raj, starred in the BBC Mini Series “The Jewel In The Crown”. 1984, sort of a little inside tidbit. Nina’s best friend is Bobbi, he is flamboyant and wears kilts and loads of make-up. The movie is about family, friends, cooking, new found love, and trying to win the competition. I loved this movie and gave it 5*****STARS.


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