The Piano (1993) – IMDb

The Piano (1993) – IMDb.

A Scottish woman and her daughter are sent off to New Zealand in an arranged marriage. She cannot speak, she uses sign language and also her daughter translates. This Scottish woman is an accomplished pianist, and she has brought her piano with her. She lands on the shores of New Zealand and her husband to-be is not there to meet her. She and her daughter are left on the beach with all of her belongings. A day or so later her husband shows up with Maori tribesmen and they carry everything to her new home except the piano. At no time does he ever realize what a mistake it was to leave the piano on the beach. The husband never realizes the importance of the piano in the life of his bride to-be. He is stubborn to a fault. Holly Hunter is the Scottish woman, her daughter is played by Anna Paquin,(she won an Academy Award playing this role). Sam Neill plays the Husband, and Harvey Keitel plays the Maori tribseman who goes to the beach and retrieves the piano. Be warned this movie garnered a (R) rating for extreme graphic sexuality. (EROTICA) I loved this movie and gave it 5*****STARS.






Actress Anna Paquin - "True Blood" 2...

Actress Anna Paquin – “True Blood” 25th Annual Paley Television Festival – ArcLight Cinemas, Los Angeles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin.

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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