The Hospital (1971) – IMDb

The Hospital (1971) – IMDb.

THE HOSPITAL ~ I  watched this movie 40 years ago, I roared with laughter,

I thought it was one of the clerverist movies I had ever seen.  I loved this film, I say Loved,

but now I am 40 years older, having had more than a passing aquaintence with hospitals,

now,  the things that happen in this movie no longer seem funny.  Younger people will surely

enjoy this movie.  Older folks may want to skip this one.


Herbert Bock is chief of medicine in a major teaching hospital. His wife has left him, he is impotent and his children have both disowned him. He is toying with the idea of suicide when patients begin dying, not from complications, but from the erroneous treatments the Hospital is giving them. People in the wrong beds are given wrong medicines, sent to operating theaters for incorrect surgery, and found in waiting rooms dead of natural causes. Barbara Drummond has come to take her comatose father back to the Sioux reservation where he operates a clinic and they each reach out to each other for emotional support, as a shadowy figure stalks the patients and staff of the hospital.Written by John Vogel <>

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