The movie revolves around the intense relationship of two teenagers, Darren and Sinead, nicknamed “Pig” and “Runt“. Pig and Runt were born at the same hospital at nearly the same time and grow up right next door to each other. This brings about a very close relationship between the two that borders on telepathic. The two talk in their own “language.” They live in their own world and barely communicate with the world around them. However, up until their seventeenth year, their relationship remains one of friendship, it is very intense and unhealthy. Eventually however, Runt catches and reciprocates the attentions of another young man from her school just as Pig begins to notice Runt. As their seventeenth birthdays draws closer Pig’s violent nature becomes more and more obvious and his romantic intentions towards Runt becomes confirmed when he kisses her after a dust-up at a disco. Runt however does not want to give Pig what he wants from her. She doesn’t know how to reject him; therefore, she continues her friendship with him feeling awkward and caged. Pig remains very protective of Runt and finally their closeness raises the concerns of the school they attend. They are separated and Runt is sent away to boarding school. Pig is crushed by this and decides to track down Runt and make her his again. This starts off an irreversible chain of events that will ultimately end in tragedy. Although they are not brother & sister, a romantic relationship between them seems and feels like incest when you watch it. KEYWORDS…Based On A Play, Next Door Neighbors, Hole In The Wall, Inseparable, Disco, Dancing, Violent, Bloody, Humiliation, Teasing, Lust, Jealousy, Beach, Smothering. I Give it 3***STARS.

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