Elizabeth I decreed that the Kings Council of ...

Elizabeth I decreed that the Kings Council of the North meet at the Friary site for 20 days of the year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cate Blanchett is my favorite actor to play Elizabeth. This film begins when Princess Elizabeth is in her late teens and slightly before she becomes Queen Elizabeth. From the very beginning Elizabeth is embroiled in intrigue. Her half sister is Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) named so because of her bloody scourge of Protestants throughout her realm. Elizabeth is a protestant and she is arrested and put in the tower,accused of a conspiracy against Queen Mary (a Catholic). Elizabeth’s life was in real danger. The Privy Counsil argued long and hard for the death of Elizabeth, her cousin (The Duke of Norfolk) tried to convince Mary to execute Elizabeth. But for some reason Mary would not. (it helps to know some of the history between Mary and Elizabeth) Mary helped in the care of Elizabeth when she was a infant, she was one of Elizabeth’s Ladies-in-Waiting, even though each was a Princess. Over the years while Elizabeth was growing up the two half sisters spent time together and attended many Royal functions together.5*****STAR MOVIE

Elizabeth (film)

Elizabeth (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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