Loved this Movie. Highly recommend it.

Fletch Talks

Such potential. What happened?


 The Plot: A squadron of German soldiers during World War II are assigned to set up base in an ancient keep deep in a Romanian village. Ignoring warnings to stay away from the keep, a mysterious demon is unleashed when two soldiers try to steal from the building’s treasures.

The Keep is a real anomaly in the canon of films directed by Michael Mann in that it’s the only out-and-out SF/horror film he’s ever made. He’s mostly a thriller director with films like Thief, Heat, Manhunter, Collateral, Miami Vice (the TV series and its very different film spin-off made decades later) providing sleek, modern, moody and atmospheric entertainment with varying degrees of success. Thief, his first film, is his leanest and possibly finest work, greatly helped by a terrific lead performance from James Caan (not to mention a remarkable one from…

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