“The Killing” What I Know (2012) – Synopsis SPOILER






Open on the day of Rosie’s murder. Rosie plays with her brothers while Mitch talks about the family’s trip. On her way out Rosie spots Stan on the phone. She thinks about saying goodbye, but leaves.

Linden and Holder meet Gwen at campaign headquarters. She tells them Jamie and Richmond are both gone and not answering their cell phones.

Cut to Jamie’s grandfather asking him why his boss has been telling lies about him during speeches. He then tells Jamie he knows where Jamie was the night “that girl” got killed. Jamie says he’ll drive Richmond.

Gwen gets a call from Richmond’s driver. Linden and Holder realize they are going to Jamie’s place.

Jamie has taken him to a rooftop and tells him he’s just hear from a pollster than they’ve won. Adams will concede shortly. Richmond asks why Jamie lied about where he was the night of Rosie’s murder. He presses Jamie about what happened that night and he admits to planting the bones. Richmond asks about Rosie and Jamie eventually yells “It was an accident!”

Cut to that night and the conversation between Jamie, Jackson and Ames. On his way out Jamie hears a cell phone ring. He finds Rosie and the two argue. Jamie pushes her and she hits her head.

Back in present day Jamie tells Richmond he panicked. Richmond points out that Rosie was alive when she went into the water. Jamie places a gun on the table and Richmond asks “what are you don’t with my gun?” Jamie says Rosie got out of the car and ran into the woods. He thought the campaign had gone too far to let her get away. Jamie says “I was only thinking of you” and tells Richmond that he’s really not as good a person as he wants the voters to believe.

Linden, Holder and Gwen arrive at Jamie’s place just as Jamie starts talking about how far Richmond can go. Jamie tells Richmond “I know you’ll do the right thing, Mr. Mayor,” then turns his gun on the cops. We hear a shot and Gwen starts weeping. Holder has killed Jamie.

Later at the scene we hear that the gun Jamie held was empty.

Stan walks into Rosie’s room and sees Mitch packing up her things. He helps his wife.

The case against Jamie seems to be solid. Jackson and Ames are going to be charged for obstruction, but nothing else. Linden point out to Carlson that Jamie made a call to Ames that night and talks about the car with the missing taillight. Carlson doesn’t think there is a case to be made against Ames.

Stan and Mitch show the boys the new house. Mitch says she’s okay with moving in a few weeks.

Gwen finds Richmond working on a press release. She tells him he was the reason they won and he shouldn’t worry about spinning the Jamie angle. They embrace.

The next day Richmond walks into the empty council chambers. Adams walks in and congratulates him on being able to win the mayor’s office his first try. He tells him he has the makings of a great leader.

Stan and Mitch finish cleaning up and find several sentimental aspects of the home. Terry shows up and an emotional Mitch says she doesn’t remember seeing Rosie the day she died.

Richmond spends time at his wife’s grave. Gwen calls with word that the press has been hounding them. He says “I think it’s time to move on.”

Linden doesn’t seem satisfied. They leave to tell the Larsens.

At the Larsens place Linden and Holder run into Terry, who says Stan and Mitch are out. They tell Terry “We got him.” Terry tells them about the new house and walks inside. Linden notices a broken taillight on Terry’s car. Upstairs Linden confronts Terry about being there that night. Terry picked Ames up that night and they were going to the airport when he got a call about a “girl in the woods.” Mitch and Stan walks into the room and the detectives think they should go. Terry begins to cry and Linden says “Don’t do this, not here.” Terry is weeping and says “I didn’t know. I didn’t know what to do.”

Flashback to Terry sitting in her car and listening to Jamie and Ames argue about what to do with this girl in the car. We see Terry get out of the car, put the car into drive and send it into the lake. We can hear the screams of Rosie, who is still alive in the trunk.

In present day Terry says “I didn’t know. I didn’t know it was Rosie.” Stan rushes to get at Terry, but Holder stops him. Terry collapses into Mitch, who initially holds her but then lets go, looking stunned.

Linden and Holder sit in a darkened office at the station. Terry is being transported to County and doesn’t want a lawyer. Holder gives her back her badge. An officer walks in with Rosie’s film. Linden leaves to watch it.

Early the next morning Gwen is surprised to see Richmond in the office. Jackson walks in for a meeting and makes reference to Richmond making some charges go away. Ames is also at the meeting and Gwen doesn’t seem thrilled by the group.

The boys wake up Stan and Mitch with word that somebody dropped off a video. It is Rosie’s film. The family watches it. She talks about wanting to see the world and how much she loves her family. Her plan seems to have been to return after seeing the world.

Holder and Linden get a call about another murder. Linden gets out of the car, apparently resigning her position with homicide. She walks away as the season ends.

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