James and the Giant Peach Panzanella Salad

Sight to Behold

I saw Brave this afternoon, and I’m sure I’ll be considered a soulless heathen for this– but I was underwhelmed. It was cute and funny (all the little kids at the theater were giggling like crazy, which was adorable), but I felt like it was missing something. I wish the different conflicts in the movie– Merida/ Queen Helena, Merida/ Clans, Fergus/ Clans, Fergus/ Mor’ Du– could have been tied together a little better. I was hoping Merida would form friendships with her suitors so the “discovering love in their own time” bit would flow better. The resolution seemed a little too easy too; there was actually a point halfway through the movie where I thought they were going to wrap things up, but a last minute plot twist gave the movie another half hour or so.


Although I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about Brave, I did get excited about the panzanella…

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