Work Wear Worries

Last year I received an unhappy email from a viewer saying an outfit I wore on-air was inappropriate.  Since then, I’ve been super sensitive to the things I wear to work.  Especially since the outfit in question, to me, seemed fine.  I started to mistrust my own judgment in what should and shouldn’t be work wear.  In turn I stopped looking forward to getting dressed each day and often just kept the same few safe options in rotation.

{Back cleavage}

Since my return from the Bay Area I’ve tried to step out of the box a little.  This peplum top, which I wear in my free time, seemed a little too risque for work.  I envisioned viewers calling to say it was too tight, or low cut, and God forbid they see all that back! 

This jacket did not go over well with my co-workers.  Comments included, “Why are you…

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