Green inspiration #46

Re-blogging your terrific post with your kind permission

I love green inspiration

 Henrietta Tiarks – the Dutchess of Bedford – She is wearing a green suit by Jules Francois Crahay of Nina Ricci.  The location is the Palais Royale in Paris.

A timeless beauty for a timeless style. Mark Shaw had the great opportunity to take pictures of the most stylish and iconic people of the 60’s. In my opinion, he was also able to portrait them in timeless location. The garden of the Palais Royale covered with fog creates a mystical atmosphere, the environment is a sort of fantasyland. The lady with her green suit, her red lipstick and her sure walk, out of the fog,  seems still there to give us a lecture of style. I adore this pic. I hope you’ll like it. ❤

Una bellezza senza tempo per uno stile senza tempo. Mark Shaw ha avuto la grande opportunità di fotografare le persone più elegante e iconiche degli…

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