The urban garden…

Re-bloging this wonderful post with your kind permission:


Surrounded by exquisitely manicured scenery in downtown Toronto, my sister Michelle‘s urban garden rooftop made the perfect spot for a series of Trend Nerd photo shoots during my native land visit.

I can’t leave the house without my ‘obnoxious’ oversize shades and bright color fix like a pair of saturated bottoms. They’re my year round wardrobe staples that render any look into a sartorial masterpiece. For this outfit, I stayed casual with classic eye-catching summer inspired hues. Contrasting green jeans with a bright blue leopard print top, orange Giuseppe Zanotti crocodile stiletto’s with mirror heels and brown studded Rebecca Minkoff MAB bag- created an extra dose of powerful style. Despite the scorching 90 degree temps, I’m thankful Michelle has the skills to make me look somewhat decent or I would have been one heck of a hot mess! Stay tuned, I’ll post part II of the photoshoot in Toronto shortly!

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