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Molly Parker

Actress | Soundtrack | Producer

Molly Parker, the extremely talented and versatile Canadian actress is best known in the United States for playing the Western widow “Alma Garret” on the cable-TV series Deadwood. Raised on a commune, she described as “a hippie farm” in Pitt Meadows, B.C., Parker got the acting bug when she was 16 years old… See full bio »

Born: June 14, 1972 in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

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Molly Parker (born 14 June 1972)[1] is a Canadian actress, notable for her roles in Canadian and American independent films and the HBO television series Deadwood.

Parker won a Genie Award in 1997 as Best Actress in a Leading Role for Kissed. She was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award as best female lead in 2001 for her role in The Center of the World and has twice been nominated for a Genie Award as best supporting actress, winning in 2002 for Bruce Sweeney’s Last Wedding.



[edit]Life and career

Parker was born in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, to parents who owned a retail seafood store. Parker and her younger brother Henry were raised on a commune in Pitt Meadows, B.C., which she described as “a hippie farm”, and she began acting after 13 years at ballet school. After her uncle’s agent took her on, she had parts in various Canadian television roles before studying with Vancouver‘s Gastown Actors’ Studio after she graduated from high school.

Her breakthrough role was as the daughter of a lesbian military officer in the TV movie Serving in Silence. She then won a Gemini nomination for her performance in the TV movie Paris or Somewhere.She later won the Genie Award for best actress for playing a necrophiliac in Lynne Stopkewich‘s 1996 film Kissed; the controversial film served as her breakthrough to more mainstream films.

Parker is known for taking on controversial roles, such as her aforementioned performance in Kissed; as a sympathetic lap dancer and paid escort in The Center of the World; and a female rabbi, Ari Hoffman, in Six Feet Under. In 2008, she starred in the CBS show Swingtown. She filmed a pilot for a series called The Wonderful Maladys, in which she was set to star as Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s older sister, but the series was not picked up.

She starred in the video for “Cold Love” by Cursive and The Good Life frontman Tim Kasher.

Parker will join the cast of the NBC mid-season show, The Firm, based on the 1991 novel by John Grisham and the 1993 film starring Tom Cruise. She will portray Abby McDeere, wife of Mitch McDeere.[2] She also made several appearances on the sixth season of the Showtime series Dexter.]

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