Lip Service – Review – Laura Fraser – Ruta Dedmintas – Cush Jumbo – Lesbian Themed Drama – Glasgow

LIP SERVICE   2010-2012  TV-

A superior well written drama about young women living in Glasgow.  The photography and the pacing is brilliant, the women are gorgeous and very sexy.  I did not watch L-Word, but I see  “Lip Service” being compared to the L-Word as the UK’s version of that particular TV show.  I can say that I liked it and have always enjoyed Laura Fraser’s acting since I first saw her in “Nina’s Heavenly Delights“.  Lip Service is Brilliant, emphasis on Drama, and very steamy love scenes.  I highly recommend  it and I give it 5/5 *****STARS

“Lip Service” is an irreverent and poignant drama series that focuses on the romantic lives of young gay women in contemporary Glasgow.


Laura Fraser, Ruta Gedmintas, Fiona Button


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This show is:

Emotional, Romantic, Witty


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