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Freema Agyeman

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Freema Agyeman

Born 20 March 1979 (age 33)[1]

London, England

Occupation Actress

Years active 2001 – present

Freema Agyeman (English pronunciation: /ˈfriːmə ˈɑːɡjəmən/, born Frema Agyeman on 20 March 1979) is a British actress who is best known for playing Martha Jones, former companion of the Tenth Doctor in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and its spin-off series Torchwood. She currently holds a lead regular role as crown prosecutor Alesha Phillips in ITV’s Law & Order: UK.

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Her mother, Azar, is Iranian and her father, Osei, is Ghanaian. They divorced when she was a child. She has an older sister, Leila, and a younger brother, Dominic.[2] Despite her mother being a Muslim and her father a Methodist, Agyeman grew up to be a practicing Roman Catholic.[3] She attended Our Lady’s Convent RC High School, a Catholic school in Stamford Hill and during the summer of 1996 she studied at the Anna Scher Theatre School in Islington. She studied performing arts and drama at Middlesex University, graduating in 2000.[2] She has martial arts skills, which prompted speculation that she would bring a more physical approach to the role of the Doctor’s companion.[4] The tattoo she has on her upper arm is symbolic of her ancestry, containing the Persian word “raha”, meaning “emancipated”, under an image of a butterfly.[5] She endorses Divine Chocolate, a fairtrade corporation that works with Ghanaian cocoa farmers.[6]

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