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Khandi Alexander on the End of ‘Treme’ and Rebuilding LaDonna

The actress tells THR about her character’s rebound from last season’s brutal arc, the candid people of New Orleans, the "Wire" role she turned down and nearing a conclusion.

Treme Khandi Alexander Still - P 2012

The third season of Treme reintroduces LaDonna (Khandi Alexander) at her bar, Gigi’s, smiling as afternoon light streams in through the dirty windows.

It’s a familiar sight for anyone who caught the inaugural run of David Simon and Eric Overmyer‘s ode to post-Katrina New Orleans — but entirely foreign to anyone who watched in 2011, when the character was beaten and gang-raped in that same room. LaDonna spent the subsequent episodes a shell of her former self and neutered of the spark and levity she added to a series that so often dwells on the bleak.

STORY: ‘Treme’ Renewed for Fourth…

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