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Cynda Williams (born May 17, 1966[1]) is an American television and film actress.

Early Life

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Cynthia Williams, she was known as Cindy Williams until she started her film career. At that time, the graduate of Dunbar Vocational High School and Ball State University changed her first name to “Cynda” to avoid conflicts with Laverne & Shirley actress Cindy Williams, who was also listed by the same name with the Screen Actors Guild.


Acting Career

Williams has been featured in films on both television and in the cinema. Her first appearance in a feature film was in Spike Lee‘s Mo’ Better Blues and One False Move as well as the Tales of the City Channel 4/PBS miniseries.

Music Career

While most well known for her involvement in the movie industry, Williams had a brief stint in the music industry in 1990 with her appearance on the soundtrack to Mo’ Better Blues, on the song “Harlem Blues.” The single was popular, reaching #9 on the R&B charts on November 17, 1990.

With the success of the single, Williams had been lined up with Sony to produce her own album. While she was trained in a variety of genres, jazz became pressed on her after the success of “Harlem Blues.” The album was shelved following internal disagreements at Sony.

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