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Alphas Season Finale Q And A

Executive Producer Bruce Miller and Summer Glau talk about the season finale for Alphas

I have a question for each of you. I’ll ask Summer first. You’ve played so many great characters on so many great series, a lot of them my favorites. What was it specifically though about Skylar that was so fascinating and that attracted to you to the role?

Summer Glau: There’s – the first thing that attracted me about Skylar was the fact that she was a mother. I’ve talked to Bruce about this before too. It was really exciting for me. I hadn’t – I had not played a mother before.And one of the most challenging things about Skylar is that she is a mother but it doesn’t come naturally to her. She – in my mind, in the back story that I’ve created, she’s been on her own for a long time. And she’s used to just fending for herself.And then when it comes to her child she’s very conflicted because she has all of these new feelings that she’s probably never experienced before about loving something so much more than she loves herself. And caring for something and protecting someone else and making unselfish decisions.And for me as an actor it just was a very, very fertile story line for me

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