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Review: Lip Service, The BBC’s Best Kept Secret

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By Erin P. Capuano

Jul 13, 2012 in Entertainment


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Glasgow – Lip Service is the BBC Three’s best kept secret and one of the best drama’s on TV that you’re probably not watching. Check out my review on why it’s not to be missed.

Remember that show from a few years ago, it was a little drama on Showtime called The L Word? It had that girl from Flashdance in it, what was her name? Oh, yeah that’s right Jennifer Beals! OK, so I kid a bit, it was a huge show; it was a groundbreaking show and by all accounts the one and only lesbian centered drama historically on television. So, why bring this up you might ask? The BBC has been a leading network for the LGBT community and dramas for years now, decades even and because we live in the states we don’t get to see all the quality programming that network produces. It’s quite sad actually, to think we miss out on all of these profound, creative, intriguing and exciting dramas just because we don’t have funny accents and drink tea in the afternoons. Well, no more of that I say! Lip Service is a lesbian centered drama that the BBC has produced for two seasons now and has gained quite the critical acclaim for its intense storylines, dramatic twists, steamy sex scenes and twisted relationships between its characters.

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