BEWITCHERY | TheFlamboyante

photo credit: Dominik Izaquiel Tome

Dominik and I share a passion, which is coffee, so shooting a few simple impressions over a coffee sounded like a plan. I was wearing a white swing dress on this occassion – I think every woman should in fact have a dress like this in her closet because it looks pretty and is flattering and feminine and at the same time utterly comfortable – just perfect for a coffee date. I accessorized with a floppy hat and some ‘magic jewellery’ – my new craze. I’m someone who thinks that life should be full of intensity, vibrancy, suspense, experience. Fashion is a part of life and I love to express myself through it. Hence my mini pentagram cuff by Pamela Love, a designer who is inspired by astronomy and astrologie, as well as nature, music and – magic. Sounds pretty much like my cup of tea, or rather coffee…

Looking at the new collections of the most respectable designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Kenzo I have no doubt that spirituality and occultism are carving their way into the world of fashion. Whether it was my jewellery or maybe something in the coffee – there has certainly been something in the air that day and I wonder if that mood is captured in those pictures for everyone to see?

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BEWITCHERY | TheFlamboyante.

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